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With widespread destruction across Nepal and over 8 million people affected, your generosity is desperately needed. We are in a position to help - but first we need your help.

Why donate through Buddhist Relief Services?

With our monks and nuns already in some of the most severely affected areas, we know the people and the territory. Often, only those people who have access to the aid stations receive help. We are reaching the others - people who are too weak to go for help, people who are truly most in need.

Of course our monks and nuns also need help to rebuild the monastery, their home.

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Importantly, with Buddhist Relief Services your money goes to disaster relief, not to salaries. Since we are a volunteer organization, there's no administrative cost.

How can I donate?

Currently, our affiliated organization Dharmakaya is taking online donations on our behalf, through PayPal. Please click below to donate.

Support the people of Nepal

Rebuild the Trungram Monastery

Donate by Wire Transfer:

Please indicate Help Nepal as the purpose of your donation. For Bank Wire Transfer instruction, please email us at with your name, and city where you are.

About volunteering

Currently, only a limited number of people are able to enter the affected areas of Nepal. If you have special expertise that might be useful there, please contact us.