A Message from Rinpoche: On Compassion and Generosity

In the Buddhist tradition, cultivating compassion is as important as cultivating wisdom. Compassion is a natural outgrowth of understanding the suffering of others. It occurs when you are able to put yourself in someone else's shoes, and truly understand that, whether the suffering is substantial or subtle, it exists for everyone.

Suffering comes in many forms: People suffer from the conditions in which they live. People suffer from change. People suffer from the fundamental nature of being.

The bodhisattva tradition is an expression of compassion towards suffering. In Nepal today, there is massive suffering, in the rawest sense. Though nearly impossible to fully comprehend, the suffering is easy to see. Compassion for those millions affected comes freely.

One outgrowth of compassion is true generosity: Generosity of spirit, of time, of teaching the dharma. And, traditionally, generosity of giving.

In this circumstance, the most immediate way to manifest your compassion is through generosity.

Please give generously to those in need.

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