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It takes courage to help others

Rinpoche wrote this piece for the Huffington Post, where he is chronicling the relief efforts in Nepal. Please visit that site to read the complete article.

Sometimes it seems like when you are trying to do the most good, you face the most difficulties.

Sindhupalchok District, home to many Trungram monks, badly damaged by quake

Sindhupalchok District has been badly hit by the earthquake. Although Sindhupalchok is close to Kathmandu, it is one of the least developed districts in Nepal. With steep mountains and narrow roads, rescue efforts have not been easy. Most of the buildings are uninhabitable and people are living in make-shift tents with minimal supplies for day to day living. Worse, as of May 1, nearly 2,000 people in the district had died and more than 3,000 were missing; today. Many Trungram monks at Sanku Monastery are from Sindhupalchok and their families are there.

Orphaned children urgently need help

One week has passed since the 7.9 magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal, and the world’s attention is drifting on toward other international events.

Yet, for the people of Nepal, this is just the beginning. The death toll continues to rise, even as rescue teams keep digging in the rubble for survivors. People continue to live in terror and, often, without help. The most heartbreaking—and most vulnerable—of these are the orphans and other defenseless children.